This web site is sponsored by concerned Imo State citizens of the diaspora across the globe.
We have all observed the actions of Gov. Rochas Okorocha in the last eight years as he drove the affairs of our beloved state into the ground. Thus, we have no choice but to get involved in the rebuilding of the great state of Imo. 

To this end, this website is established to properly document, identify and help anyone whose land/s were forcefully taken or illegally revoked by the Okorocha Administration; and begin the REAL process of reclaiming their Lands. 

Please follow the directions in the web site and enter as much information as possible to help verify your claim, and fast-track assistance from the Incoming administration. We will work with the Incoming administration to ensure that every stolen, Revoked or illegally confiscated lands are recovered and Returned to the rightful owners


Enter your Land Details

Please enter the details of the land illegally revoked or taken from you by Gov Rochas. Please enter as much information as possible.

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Testimonies from owners

Woman cries over her family land

Rochas Takes land in Orlu community

How Rochas does it